Assembly is shutting down December 6, 2015

Assembly launched in 2013 with the vision to bring engineers, designers, and creators all over the world together to build community-owned software products.

Over the last two years we've been honored to see the internet do what it does best on Assembly: bring people together to accomplish more together than what one could on their own. More than 4 million people used products built by the Assembly Community, and we had the privilege to facilitate payments of thousands of dollars a month to individual contributors. The Assembly Community achieved much.

We set out with ambitious plans but failed to reach the escape velocity necessary to turn the Assembly product into a sustainable company. With limited resources we are unable to continue support of the product, and we will be shutting down on December 6th. Products on Assembly have always been built openly, and their source code as well as Assembly's will remain on GitHub for posterity.

We're grateful to all who supported us and sorry for any inconvenience the shutdown causes.


What will happen to the community products?

The communities actively working on products transitioned their products off Assembly's infrastructure months ago. Remaining products hosted by Assembly will be shut down with the Assembly product on December 6th, 2015. The GitHub Organization containing source code for Assembly products will not be actively managed after December 6th, but it will contain the community's open source for as long as GitHub hosts it.

What if I want to take over a product?

Products on Assembly were built openly and their source code is available on GitHub.

How do I withdraw an account balance?

All accounts with a balance will be contacted by email so arrangements can be made to make a final distrbution. You can check your account balance and update your contact information by visiting